Here’s what some of our members are saying about The Classic Radio Club!

Please email me at carl@classicradioclub.com so we can include your thoughts and comments.

"Granny was so pleased to join the Classic Radio Club. The radio programs take her back to growing up and sitting next to the radio with her brother each night.

We had originally emailed Carl from the hollywood360radio.com website, and in ten minutes or less we were talking to him on the phone! Grandmother and I were so surprised, and after hanging up, we felt like we had just spoken with a celebrity. It was the highlight of our day.

Carl was so kind; He walked us through the platform, pricing, ordering process, and even shipped our CDs faster than standard time. Thank you so much Carl! We love you and your shows.

In gratitude,
Samantha Seiders and Grandmother"

"I received my first set of cd’s today. I was surprised and happy I got them so fast. What a great first set. I’m not surprised though. I enjoy Carl and Lisa every week. They say this is a great club to join and I have to agree I bought the 100 greatest Radio Shows book and I enjoy it. All my kids and grandkids like. I knew I couldn’t go wrong getting in the club. I can’t wait for my next set. Thank you and I’ll be listening to you on the radio.
- Emil Smicklas"

"Hello Carl.
I wanted you to know my Oct. shipment arrived today as promised. I want to tell everyone about the excellent customer service your club offers. My question was answered within hours of my email being sent. The problem was quickly resolved and my order was sent Monday, Nov. 4 and arrived today, Wednesday Nov. 6. Carl`s emails were so polite. It puts all other internet business to shame. I highly recommend the Classic Radio Club. So enjoyable. Thank you for all your time and energy.
Weekend Fan,
Karole King"

"Right from my introductory volume, listening to these old time radio favorites has been a joy! The free shows you find on the internet are low quality and degraded, nowhere close to the pristine, high quality episodes I found in the Classic Radio Club! The great value the Club provides for my entertainment fits my monthly budget just right. I've rediscovered favorite episodes I've heard before, but the not-so-familiar episodes in these collections are the real treat! If this is what membership is like in your club, Mr. Amari, I can't wait to hear what you will curate for us each month. Thank you! Georges B - Canada"

"I received my first monthly set of Classic Radio Club CDs just 4 days ago. They far exceed my best expectations. Wonderful sounds! I feel like I’m in the studio audience with Abbott & Costello and Fibber McGee & Molly. The sound quality is unbelievable. Similar to you, I became entranced with old-time radio at a young age. In the late 1960s, our TV expired and my parents could not afford to buy a new one for a while so I listened to radio all the time, and I guess I became an audiophile. There were no old-time radio programs running first-run then, but occasionally I heard one. In 1995, after raising 4 children, I had a desire to become re-acquainted with old radio shows, and I amassed a large collection of MP3 files - about 90,000 of them. Of course, they vary in quality. And quality is what I want in these programs at this stage of my life. Your shows fill the bill for me. I just received these on Thursday, and I have already listened to half of them. I will not make it a month — probably not a week before I have listened to all 10 shows for this month, which means I will be hungering for the next month’s delivery. Thanks for making these. You are making a just-a-few-years-to-retirement man very happy! Greg B - Indiana"

"I listen to Carl’s radio show and decided to enroll in the Classic Radio Club. I am so happy that I did. The quality of these recordings are state of the art and crystal clear. The packaging is excellent too and they can be put in my book case of my entertainment center and are a conversation piece. I highly recommend becoming a member. Thanks Carl for putting these wonderful collections out and helping bring the Old-Time Radio Classics back for the younger generation to appreciate! We love them! Alison B - Illinois"

"I have been listening to Carl's radio show for years now and finally joined the Classic Radio Club. I could not have given myself a better gift! While the product is pristine, the service is unsurpassed! It is totally above and beyond. I love being a Classic Radio Club member and look forward to every shipment. Thank you! Aurora A - California"

"Dear Mr. Amari, I have been a Classic Radio Club member now for 4 months and have received 4 different collections. I anxiously await my collection each month and can not tell you how pleased I am with this club. I have been a fan of old-time radio for decades and have been sharing these shows with my kids (11 and 13) and they love them as much as I do! Cindy - Wisconsin"

"I drive a semi for a living and can not tell you how happy I am that I joined your Classic Radio Club. The sound quality and variety in the episodes that I’ve received thus far has been amazing. Listening to these old-time radio shows while I’m driving helps melt the miles away! My favorite are the detective shows so keep em’ coming! Sal - Texas"

"I learned about the Classic Radio Club from my local radio station 930 AM. The collections are great and I enjoy receiving them every month. I’m learning a lot about the great radio shows and actors from the detailed descriptions that are included with the shows. Mark N - Florida"

"My dad had a bunch of LP records of old-time radio shows and he would play them for me and my two brothers when we were kids. We loved listening to the scary shows best of all but we also enjoyed the comedies. A few years ago I was thrilled to discover your radio show on WGN-Chicago. It’s on pretty late at night but I often stay up to listen. Then I heard a radio commercial for your Classic Radio Club and discovered I could receive 10 old-time radio shows emailed to me for just $9.99 per month. All I can say is WOW! I am so pleased with the sound quality of these shows. It sounds like they were recorded yesterday instead of 70 years ago! And I’m greatly enjoying the written historical materials on every show. I will be a loyal club member for life! Byron - Illinois"

"I'm 46 years old and did not hear old-time radio shows when they were originally on the air. I discovered old-time radio in my 20s by buying cassettes from various companies. The sound quality of the cassettes was mostly pretty poor but that’s all I could find. Thank goodness I discovered The Classic Radio Club! I had no idea that old-time radio could sound so amazing! Every show that I have received from your club has been crystal clear sound. My favorite shows are Escape and Suspense. I also like Sam Spade and Boston Blackie and I’m discovering shows that I had no idea existed. This club is the best! Jerry - California"

I received my latest Classic Radio Club downloads. I enjoy westerns greatly, and in this batch I received an episode of Have Gun, Will Travel. I listened using my headphones. I usually listen them in my car or through my computer speakers or through a small Bose speaker I have, so using the headphones was unusual. I was blown away by the sound quality on this particular episode. Of course, John Dehner’s voice was magnificent for radio. Anyway, thank you for making these programs available. Greg - Indiana"